Alaska's Budget

I don’t want Alaskans to be slave to the debt that our government has racked up by deciding what they think is best for us. We need to balance our budget again, and if that means making tough choices and cuts to things we’ve grown accustomed to, then we need to put that on the table. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a forest of money trees, but we do have an abundance of natural resources that we should certainly leverage to help close the gaps in our budget. 

As your next legislator, I’ll ask myself two questions when presented with a spending proposition. First, is this the government’s job? If the answer to that question is yes, my next question is whether or not we can afford it without making life harder for the average Alaskan.

That’s a main job of the legislature: to take care of infrastructure and create a less burdensome environment for the people. Our budget must reflect this.