Public safety, crime, and SB91

My family is important to me—their safety is my top priority. The safety of all Alaskans should be our leaders' #1 concern, but unfortunately, it isn't.

One of the main reasons I’m running for office is because my opponent, Representative Chuck Kopp, supported – and to this day, still supports – SB 91

That bill was a great example of the legislature cramming something ill-advised down the throats of Alaskans. You can’t pass a sweeping bill like this one and just hope for the best. Crime has gone up, people don’t feel safe, and in reality, people aren’t safe. We can’t wait around for the rest of the bill to take effect.

As your next representative, I’ll be in support of repealing SB 91 and preventing other bills like it from being passed from Day 1 until the end of my time serving in the legislature.